What’s New in 3ds Max 2025?

  • OCIO Color Management: In 3ds Max 2025, OpenColorIO is now the primary color management system, streamlining the integration of a contemporary color pipeline. This transition is a step towards enhancing the user experience in 3ds Max, particularly for artists in film, TV, and game development fields, where color precision is crucial.
  • Updated Global Search Feature: The upgraded Global Search feature is now stronger, providing a comprehensive array of tools, functions, commands, and settings readily available. With enhancements such as displaying the last five used items, showing categories, executing actions with a double-click, presenting contextual results, and having a resizable search bar, users can now navigate 3ds Max more effectively than ever.
  • Retopology Tools for 3ds Max 1.5: This update brings standalone preprocessing and OpenVDB remeshing processes, with notable enhancements in processing speed. The Autodesk ReForm base algorithm has been upgraded to version 1.5, guaranteeing better performance and stability. These advancements represent a significant step forward in the software’s modeling and animation capabilities.
  • Menu Editor: The enhanced Menu Editor provides users with greater customization options in 3ds Max. You can now personalize menus and quad menus to suit your workflow, thanks to features such as drag-and-drop reordering and developer mode for integrating third-party plugins.
  • USD for 3ds Max 0.7 Plug-in: The latest Universal Scene Description plug-in introduces enhanced features for importing animations, such as camera and light animations, along with blendShapes. This advancement aligns with Autodesk’s dedication to endorsing open standards and enhancing compatibility among various software tools.
  • Arnold for 3ds Max The integration of MAXtoA brings in the Arnold core, bringing enhancements such as progressive dithered sampling, an overhaul of the GPU renderer, and improved light sampling in volumes. These upgrades demonstrate Autodesk’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge rendering features in 3ds Max.

Other Improvements: Apart from these key features, 3ds Max 2025 enhances user experience by refining CAT, introducing new incremental save options, updating the OpenSubdiv modifier, and improving viewport shadows.

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