Let’s learn and know what’s the new features and updates of Autodesk AutoCAD 2025 version .

  • Activity Insights
  • Block Convert
  • Hatch Improvements
  • Markup Import and Markup Assist
  • Diagnostics Tab
  • Conclusion


Activity Insights is highly valued, as it currently records more activity compared to its introduction in 2024. Moreover, DWG History has been incorporated into Activity Insights. When data is stored in the cloud, like Autodesk Docs or Google Drive, and the project is saved, users can compare the latest version with previous iterations of the drawing. Users can now view a more comprehensive overview of edits, including the activity properties of Purge, in insights.


Block Convert is a feature that improves CAD drafting workflows by allowing AutoCAD to recognize and highlight identical geometric arrangements, enabling users to convert selected geometry into blocks. Testing this feature suggests a significant increase in productivity, particularly when examining drawings with multiple edits and revisions. The conversion to blocks is ideal for consolidating historically copied and pasted geometry into a block, facilitating collaboration and data collection through block counts and more.


Users can now draw hatching without a predefined boundary in Hatch improvements. By adjusting the HPPATHWIDTH variable, users can change the width of the line that outlines the hatch path. In the following screenshots, an example demonstrates setting the path to 200 to create a concrete hatch along the designated path. This much-anticipated feature, enabling hatches to follow a path without constraints, is now included in AutoCAD 2025.


AutoCAD 2025 provides the choice to utilize ESRI maps for Geolocation mapping, including options like Esri OpenStreetMap, Esri Imagery, Esri Streets, Esri Light Gray, and Esri Dark Gray.


Expanding on the Markup Import and Markup Assist functions, along with the Trace enhancements, users can now incorporate markup on external references in AutoCAD 2025. In the Markup feature, Revcloud allows for the insertion of rectangular or polygonal revision clouds, and users can now add multiple text markups.


Autodesk trainers and 3D visualizers are frequently asked about graphics cards. AutoCAD 2025 now includes a new Diagnostic tab within the Graphics Performance dialog, aimed at addressing typical graphics card problems like slow performance, screen freezes, and crashes.


The efficiency of the workflow has been greatly enhanced by the upgrades in AutoCAD version 2025. An important improvement is the Block Convert feature in geometry, which simplifies drawings that have become intricate over time. Another new feature allows hatching along a line without a predefined boundary before creating a hatch pattern, providing increased flexibility and time-saving advantages. AutoCAD 2025 expands on the progress made in AutoCAD 2024, continuing to improve drafting efficiency and collaboration in CAD.

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